Gene Baxter

About Gene:

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m an Englishman who has spent much of his life away, living in Spain, the Philippines, but mostly America. I have been lucky enough to make being a radio presenter my career and love hearing from listeners. My family are Arsenal fans going back five generations and that is not as much fun most of the time as you might think.

How did you start out in radio?

My first “shows” were on cassette tapes (!) reading the news and interviewing the neighbours as a ten year old. My first proper on-air experience was at university and from then on I’ve been on many commercial stations. I’ve worked everything from dance to country to talk to rock formats.

What is your favourite takeaway? 

Asian ramen and noodles are my very favourite. Yum.

If you could make any kind of crisps flavour what would it be?

Salt and vinegar is hard to improve on for crisps. I’m obsessed. Can I just stick with those?

Tell us one fact that nobody knows about:

I am friends with "Weird" Al Yankovic but try not to mention it.

Where did you grow up?

My parents lived in the Islington neighbourhood of London when I was born. it’s gotten so fancy in recent years I can’t afford to drive through there now.

Who would play you in a TV show or film?

I would want Ricky Gervais to play me because he is a brilliant actor who can play the sad, the happy and the ridiculous.

Favourite music or artist?

Taylor Swift all day. I am wearing my friendship bracelets right now! I’ve seen the Eras tour move three times already.

Hobby or interests?

I love to read biographies, love to watch British history shows, am a podcaster (look for “A Cup Of Tea And A Chat” on Patreon) and my wife and I foster pugs until they can find their forever homes. Remember, #adoptdontshop

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